How to Fix Scientific Notation Error

How to Fix Scientific Notation Error

Learn how to format product ids


Product ids may become formatted as scientific notation when saving a file within various spreadsheet software, especially when saving as a CSV. If the file you are trying to upload has product ids formatted as scientific notation, you will receive the following error:



Format Product Ids


Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet software (in this example, we will use excel). Highlight the column containing the product id columns. Then right-click the selected cells and click “format cells”


Next, click “Custom” under category and change the text “General” to one of the following, depending on the product id type:

  • UPC – “000000000000”
  • EAN – “0000000000000”
  • ISBN – “0000000000” or “0000000000000”


Be sure to save your file and reupload into Scan Unlimited. 🙂