How to Format a File

How to Format a File

Learn how to format supplier product list files to upload to Scan Unlimited

As you acquire product lists from suppliers, you will notice every supplier has their own way of formatting their product lists. Scan Unlimited intelligently attempts to format the product list, but some product lists need a little more help to clean up. Here are some tips to have your files upload with no issues:


File Format


Before cleaning up the file, it is important to make sure the file is a csv, xls, or xlsx file. If your file is not in one of these formats, simply open the file in your favorite spreadsheet program (example: excel, numbers) and click save as.


Then select a supported file format and save.


Header Row


Some suppliers will put their logo or address at the top of the product list, and is the most common issue users have with formatting files.


We want to make sure that the header row (row at the top of sheet) has the column name information. In this case, simply deleting the first 7 rows and logo would solve the problem.


Missing Column Names


Occasionally, suppliers will leave a column name blank. This may cause an error that prevents you from uploading a file.


Simply adding column names to all columns will resolve the issue.


File Line Count Limit Exceeded


If you are getting an error that your file has too many lines, you may need to divide your product list into multiple files or there might be empty rows at the bottom of your file.


Empty Rows


To remove empty rows, highlight all rows starting below your data set. Then, right click on the row numbers and select delete. Simply save the file, and try to upload the file into Scan Unlimited.


Too Many Lines


Cut and paste the excess rows into another excel/csv file to be uploaded separately. Remember, FREE subscribers can upload up to 10,000 line files and UNLIMITED subscribers can upload up to 100,000 line files.