How to Use the Check Amazon Feature

How to Use the Check Amazon Feature

Learn how to use the Check Amazon Feature


With the Check Amazon feature, you can easily check if Amazon is on a listing and the price they are selling at.

NOTE: This feature is currently only available for the US marketplace.



1 – You can either select the listings individually by clicking the checkboxes next to each of them or select all listings. To select all, click the topmost checkbox.

2 – Click the down arrow that will appear right next to it.

3 – Select “Check Amazon”. Please wait for the prices to show up before you go to the next page. You can scroll to the right and find the Amazon price column to see if it’s done pulling up the prices.


NOTE: if you have a large list, we highly suggest to filter out products that you would definitely not be interested in. Also, at the bottom right of the page, next to “Items per page” you can select 100 since the Check Amazon feature works on the current page. You can then go to the next page and repeat the steps.


Additional Tips



You can also make use of the Amazon price filter to get the listings that you need to pull up. For example, you’d like to see all items where Amazon is not a seller. Do the steps above and then the steps below:

1 – When all the prices have been pulled up, click “Filter” at the top right.

2 – Scroll down to see the Amazon price filter and click it.

3 – Under “Select Filter” choose “Equal” and on the value, type 0 and hit Enter.

4 – Click anywhere on your scan to load the results.