Scan Unlimited has a few limitations, but not too many to turn your heads away.


File Types:


    We currently only support 3 types of file which are XLS, XLSX, and CSV. Otherwise, we will throw the file into the nearest trash bin.


Identifier Types:


    Due to Amazon’s API limitations, we can only support UPC, EAN, ASIN, and ISBN identifiers.


Lines per Hour:


    Since we can only work so fast, we have a threshold of 100,000 items an hour. Depending on server load, your scan may process at less than 100,000 items per hour


Line Count:


    We have a limitation on the number of lines that users can process. FREE users can upload files up to 10,000 lines, and UNLIMITED users can upload files up to 100,000 lines.


File Size:


    To ensure the best user experience for our application, we limit the size of the file that is uploaded to 80MB. If a file is larger than 80MB, we recommend that you delete some of the images that are in the file or potentially remove some of the uploaded columns.