Prevent IP Alerts and Complaints Before Sourcing a Product ⚠️

by Phillip Araujo in February 21st, 2020

Why do brands file IP complaints in the first place?

I would say that a majority of wholesale and RA/OA sellers have at some point run into the scenario where the brand files an IP complaint against their account. There is a variety of reasons why a brand may want/need to issue an IP complaint against a seller, but the most common reason is that the brand is selling on Amazon themselves or the brand has an agreement with another seller. Brands use IP complaints to quickly remove sellers they no longer wish to have on their listing. Until Amazon better regulates the current situation, it is up to sellers to protect their accounts from these IP complaints.

IP Complaint Warning Feature

I am happy to announce our newest feature focused on preventing users from accidentally sourcing items where the brand is known to file IP complaints. The IP warning feature is available directly in all scans in the brand column as well as in our brand 😂 new extension! Our data is crowdsourced and updated regularly to improve accuracy. We currently support Amazon marketplaces in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, India, and the Netherlands.


IP Warning Using the Extension

The extension determines if a brand is known for filing IP complaints against sellers. When opening an Amazon product detail page, a warning symbol will appear when the brand is known to file IP complaints.  You can report brands by submitting proof of the IP complaint by clicking the extension icon.


IP Warning Using the Web App

When viewing a scan, the brand column will now have a warning symbol if the brand is known to file IP complaints against sellers. If a brand is not currently listed, a green question mark icon will display instead of the warning symbol. If you believe a brand does file IP complaints, you can click the icon to submit a report with proof of an IP complaint.

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