Scan Unlimited – Release Notes – 1.4 is Now Available!

Scan Unlimited – Release Notes – 1.4 is Now Available!

Scan Unlimited 1.4 is now available!


Scan Unlimited is well known for its friendly web based interface. We really try and focus on making a data driven web experience for our users so that you never have the need to open excel ever again! In release 1.4, we added lots of features to make the browser experience more powerful than ever before!


Advanced Filtering


One feature that was lacking in Scan Unlimited was the ability to add multiple filters to scans so that you can get to the products that meet your requirements as a seller. Fortunately, our new dropdown filters makes drilling down your scan data simple!


As you add filters, you will see chips added to the top of the scan to give you clear visibility on the filters applied. Easily remove unwanted filters by simply deleting the chips.


FBA/MFN Toggle


Although most sellers that use Scan Unlimited leverage FBA, it is good to be able to see what ROI might look like if it were MFN. Now, you have the option to do just that by toggling between FBA and MFN near the download button in the top right hand corner of any scan.


Shipping Cost per LBS


Users now have the option to add a standard cost per lbs of shipping weight to the cost of an item. Adding a shipping cost per lbs is a great way to account for inbound shipping, prep, or package material costs.



To take advantage of this feature, navigate to your scan settings and set your shipping cost that you would like to apply to scans.


Scan Unlimited’s mission is to create the best Amazon product sourcing tool. All of these features were requests from users like you and we want to know what you want/need Scan Unlimited to be! Feel free to start a chat session with the team and share your thoughts! It is very likely that it will be in our next release!