Scan Unlimited New Features v2.7.0 🎁

by Phillip Araujo in February 15th, 2020

Amazon Price Check and Load a Preset by Default πŸŽ‰

I am very excited to announce the release of Scan Unlimited version 2.7.0! After getting a lot of feedback from users about what they would like to see in Scan Unlimited, version 2.7.0 introduces 3 great features sure to save you time and money! πŸ’΅

Amazon Price Check

Checking to see if Amazon is on a listing and to see the price Amazon is selling at is by far the most requested feature with almost 50 votes! 😲 After a lot of experimentation, we finally released phase 1 of the Amazon price check feature. Phase 1 is limited to scans run in the US only. The feature allows users to pull in Amazon’s price directly from Scan Unlimited. We recently published an article detailing how to use the feature here: Bulk Check if Amazon is on a Listing or if you prefer a video walkthrough, we have a video on Youtube here:

Default Preset Setting

If you are like most users, you probably find yourself repeatedly opening scans and applying the same preset. Sure, plenty of users have multiple presets created, but most users have that 1 main preset that they use 9 times out of 10. The default preset setting now makes it possible to load a preset automatically when opening a scan! πŸ™Œ To set a default preset, navigate to Settings -> Scan Settings and under the Default Preset dropdown, select a preset from the list of existing presets.

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