Source wholesale products quickly and save time
Scan Unlimited's powerful data search quickly gets you the data you need to make informed buying decisions for your Amazon business

How it Works

Get Catalog

Approach suppliers and request an excel version of their product catalog


Upload the product list to Scan Unlimited and select your preferred options


Allow Scan Unlimited's search engine to find important metrics like Buy Box price and sales rank.


Scan Unlimited finds profitable products that are in high demand on the Amazon marketplace

Super Quick Search

Quickly search over 100,000+ items per hour to find profitable products that are in high demand on the Amazon marketplace.


Quickly identify what an item’s Buy Box price, sales rank, category, FBA fees, ROI, and number of offers.

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Easy to Use

No need to work with messy excel files. Sort, filter, analyze your scans all within a browser like Chrome or Firefox.


Excel wizard? Scans are available to download for those who want to do some serious number crunching.

Hosted in the Cloud

Save time by uploading multiple files. No need to wait for a file to complete before uploading the next file.


Scan Unlimited works 24/7 to process your product list as fast as possible. Files are processed even if your computer is turned off!


All of your scans are hosted in the cloud, allowing you to have access to all of your scans anytime, anywhere.

Scan Unlimited Cloud Hosted

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