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Scan Unlimited is committed to making the most intuitive scan software for amazon sellers. Check out just some of the great features Scan Unlimited users benefit from!


Search by Keyword

VAT Calculations

Sales Rank

Advanced Filters

Multipack Adjustments

Custom Shipping Cost

Prep Fee


Discounts & Premiums

Amazon Reviews

Brand IP Warning

Buy Box Price

Number of Offers


Estimated Sales (US Only)

FBA Fees

Referral Fees

Net Profit

Return on Investment

Amazon as a Seller

Intelligent UPC Correction

MFN & FBA Calculations

Multi Currency Exchange

Super Quick Search 🏎

Quickly search over 300,000+ items per hour to find profitable products that are in high demand on the Amazon marketplace.


Quickly identify what an item’s Buy Box price, sales rank, category, FBA fees, ROI, and number of offers.

speedometer 300000

Easy to Use

No need to work with messy excel files. Sort, filter, and analyze your scans all within a browser like Chrome or Firefox.


Excel wizard? Scans are available to download for those who want to do some serious number crunching.

Product Folders 🗂

Add products from different scans into a custom product folder. Product folders can be used to create a buy list of potential products that meet your buying criteria or organize a distributors list by brand or availability.

Amazon as a Seller

With the Power-Up⚡️ feature, you can easily check when Amazon was last seen in the buy box position.

Hosted in the Cloud ☁️

Save time by uploading multiple files. No need to wait for a file to complete before uploading the next file.


Scan Unlimited works 24/7 to process your product list as fast as possible. Files are processed even if your computer is turned off!


All of your scans are hosted in the cloud, allowing you to have access to all of your scans anytime, anywhere.

Scan Unlimited Cloud Hosted

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