Understanding the Product Detail

Understanding the Product Detail

Guide to understanding the product detail feature


The scan is the core feature of Scan Unlimited, but the product detail feature acts to complement the scan by returning more details on individual items. The product detail is broken up into 5 sections.


Core Details


The core details about the product can be found at the top of the product detail page. Some unique features include a “Can I sell?” button in the top right which will bring you to the add product page.


Keepa Chart


The integrated Keepa charts provide historical data for price and sales rank for the past 30, 90, and 365 days. Toggle between these date ranges by clicking the tabs at the top.




The offers table provides all of the currently active offers on the listing. Details such as feedback count, feedback rating, and whether the seller is Amazon is included.


Profit/ROI Calculator


The profit calculator allows users to adjust fields like product price and shipping costs and instantly see the effects on net profit and ROI. The calculator supports both MFN and FBA fulfillment methods and VAT for EU marketplaces.




The variations table lists all of the variations attached to the variation parent for the listing. Great opportunities can be found here with overlooked variations.