Upload a File

Upload a File

Learn how to upload a product list to Scan Unlimited

Uploading Your First File from Scan Unlimited on Vimeo.

With Scan Unlimited’s upload action button, uploading a file from your supplier is never more than a click away. To get started, make sure you have a product list from a supplier ready to go and that you are logged into the app.

Launch the upload process


Click the large white button located at the top of the sidenav bar. Note: If you don’t see the sidenav, simply click the menu icon in the top left hand corner to make the sidenav visible.



A window will pop up allowing the ability to either drag and drop your file or click and select the file to upload.


Fill in the upload form


Now that the file has been uploaded, it is time to configure your scan options.



1 – Start by selecting the type of product identifier.

2 – Next, give your scan a name to remember it by.

3 – Next, select which row the software should start scanning from.

4 – Next, we need to tell Scan Unlimited where the product identifiers (e.g. UPC/EAN/ASIN/ISBN) are located within the file.

5 – Do the same for the cost information

6 – In order to make viewing scans within the browser more pleasant, we suggest choosing some optional columns. The columns you select will be visible when you pull up the scan later. The product number from a supplier is a great optional column to choose!

7 – If your file does not have a file header row, it is important to uncheck the “File has Headers” check box.

8 – Sourcing your products in GBP, but you want to sell the products on Amazon US in USD? You have the option of choosing from over 200 currencies. ROI will be automatically calculated using the most up to date currency conversion.

Start the scanning process


With all of our desired options set, we are free to click start! Scan Unlimited will begin processing the file and finding the products on Amazon. Have another file to upload? No need to wait for the current file to finish processing, go ahead and repeat the process for all of your files.