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ScanUnlimited provides thorough, in-depth details on every item in your wholesale inventory xls spreadsheets.

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These Bonus Tools Turn You Into A Sourcing Master

Once you’ve scanned your wholesaling excel spreadsheet, you can deep dive into the most interesting items with these built-in features.

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Keepa Charts

This advanced data tracking software comes included with ScanUnlimited. Quickly see a product’s price and popularity to ensure you’re sourcing high-profit and fast-selling items.

  • Track pricing history & sales rank
  • Set ranges to 30, 90, or 365 days
  • See charts on Amazon product pages
  • No Keepa subscription required


Get detailed data directly from Amazon to maximize your strategic advantage. Avoid selling against Amazon and listings that do not have a consistent sales rank.

  • Number of reviews
  • Average rating
  • 30, 90, and 180 day average sales rank
  • When was Amazon last in the buy box

How to do Scientific Notation on Google Sheets

Google Sheets usually sets number formatting to Auto, which changes extra large numbers to scientific notation. Save yourself a ton of headaches and get your spreadsheet ready to upload to ScanUnlimited by following these steps to turn off scientific notation.

Highlight the cells that you want to turn off scientific notation for.
In the top menu select Format.
Select Number.
Then select Number again.