Why Is My File Not Uploading?

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Why Is My File Not Uploading?

Common Issues When Uploading A Product List



Too Many Lines Error


If you upload a file and receive the “Too Many Lines” error, this may be caused by your file having empty/unnecessary rows. To remove empty rows, highlight all rows starting below your data set. Then, right-click on the row numbers and select delete. Don’t forget to save your file 🙂


Starting Position


As a convenience, Scan Unlimited allows you to pick which row to start processing your product list from. For the starting position, select either the header row or the first row where your data starts. Check the “File has headers” option if your starting position is a header row.


Scientific Notation Error


Product ids may become formatted as scientific notation when saving a file within various spreadsheet software, especially when saving as a CSV. Learn more about how to correct this issue here: https://www.scanunlimited.com/fix-scientific-notation-error/


Uploading the Wrong Sheet


For excel files, Scan Unlimited will process the first sheet in an excel workbook. Sometimes, you will receive an excel with the first sheet hidden. To resolve the issue, simply drag the sheet you want to process to the first position.