Make Informed Buying Decisions

Scan Unlimited's powerful data search quickly gets you the data you need to make informed buying decisions for your Amazon business

How it Works

Quickly search up to 300,000+ products per hour to find profitable products that are in high demand on the Amazon marketplace.

Get Catalog

Approach suppliers and request an excel version of their product catalog


Upload the product list to Scan Unlimited and select your preferred options


Search engine will return important metrics so that you can make the best sourcing decision


Analyze results with powerful filters to find profitable, fast selling products

Easy to Use

No need to work with messy excel files. Sort, filter, organize, and analyze your scans all within your favorite browser like Chrome or Firefox.

  • Favorite Listings
  • Organize Listings into Product Folders
  • Excel-like filters and sorting
  • Automatic profit recalculations
  • Browser Based
“All you need is a list of products and Scan Unlimited does the rest. I have analyzed thousands of products in seconds that would have taken me weeks or even months to sort through.”

Yash, Amazon Seller


Supercharge your scan results with critical historical data that gives you a more complete view of a listing. Avoid selling against Amazon and listings that do not have a consistent sales rank.

  • Check when Amazon was last in the buy box
  • 30, 90 & 180-Day Average Sales Rank
  • Amazon Review Count and Rating

Source Faster. Source Smarter.

Scan Unlimited is committed to making the most intuitive scan software for amazon sellers. Check out just some of the great features Scan Unlimited users benefit from!

Advanced Filters

Effortlessly specify your buying criteria and get a list of potential products to source

Multipack Adjustments

Ability to adjust your cost for multipack listings

Sales Rank

Find products that are in high demand by Amazon customers

Buy Box Price

Identify the competitive price

VAT Calculations

Adjust profit for VAT that will be reclaimed/submitted

FBA Fees

Real-time FBA fulfillment fees

Referral Fees

Category specific Amazon commission paid on sales

Net Profit & ROI

Know your numbers and find products that improve your bottom line

Currency Exchange

Convert marketplace currency values to your supplier's currency

IP Complaint Check

Detect if a brand is known for filing IP complaints before sourcing a product

Estimated Sales (US Only)

Determine the estimated monthly sales of a listing

Shipping Cost

Specify your inbound shipping cost to be considered in profit calculations

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