February 6, 2024
Filip Maciejewicz
Scan Unlimited

Learn How to Start and Scale a Wholesale Business on Amazon!

Introducing “0 to Freedom” - A Video Course on How to Create a Wholesale Business from Scratch

Starting an Amazon wholesale business can be one of the BEST decisions of your life.

Whether you aspire to break free from the 9 to 5 grind, seek the flexibility to work on your own terms, or simply desire a PROFITABLE and sustainable business, the Amazon wholesale business model is an excellent choice.

There are certain tricks and rules within the wholesale formula that many people are UNAWARE of. 

Without understanding these KEY ELEMENTS, most individuals fail to build the business of their dreams.

With great pride, we would like to introduce the newest addition to Scan Unlimited, known as "0  to FREEDOM"

Upgrade to Unlimited Plus Plan Now

This online VIDEO COURSE will teach you how to initiate an Amazon wholesale business from scratch, discover the right products, source them effectively, and scale the business model to create a profitable, long-term, and sustainable venture.

"0 to Freedom" is now accessible to all Unlimited Plus members. If you are not yet a Plus member, all you need to do is upgrade your plan within the ScanUnlimited dashboard.

You can do it HERE

If you want to take your online wholesale business to the next level - this video course is your best resource!

A Proven System for Creating Your Freedom Business!

"0 to Freedom" comprises 18 video lessons featuring discussions by Phillip Araujo, the founder of ScanUnlimited, and Filip Maciejewicz, the general manager of the tool. 

They delve into the MOST EFFECTIVE systems and practices for Amazon wholesale.

What you’ll LEARN from the course? 

Lesson 1: Setting Up Your Business, Deciding On Your Niche

Lesson 2: How Much $ Do You Need To Start Wholesale + Do You Need a Warehouse?

Lesson 3: Smartest Ways to Finding The Best Wholesale Products

Lesson 4: Everything You Need to Have To Successfully Open Accounts With Brands & Distributors

Lesson 5: How to Do Detailed Product Analysis The Right Way

Lesson 6: Picking Your Winners & Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Lesson 7: When & Who Should You Hire First + How Big Order Should Your Orders Be?

Lesson 8: Step By Step Walkthrough Of Sample ASINS - Which Ones Would We Source & Which Not

Lesson 9: How Many Suppliers Should You Reach Out To + How to Vet Your Suppliers in Order Not to Get Scammed

Lesson 10: Attending Trade Shows - Yes or No?

Lesson 11: Comprehensive Guide to Creating Purchase Orders

Lesson 12: How to Increase Your Capital + Which Software Should You Use?

Lesson 13: Virtual Assistants - Should You? Getting Seller Feedback

Lesson 14: The Importance of Price & Ranking History

Lesson 15: Biggest Challenges When Scaling Your Wholesale Business

Lesson 16: FBA or FBM - Which One Should You Choose?

Lesson 17: Tips & Tricks to Repricing Your Inventory The Right Way

Lesson 18: 8 Expert Strategies to a Sustainable Profitable Wholesale Business

If you're a beginner looking to kickstart your Amazon seller business or if you're already on the path to greater revenue and profits, "0 to Freedom" is a course you cannot afford to MISS.

This course is now available to all Unlimited Plus members, and new lessons are released every two days.

To BEGIN your journey toward creating a robust Amazon wholesale business, simply upgrade your plan to Unlimited Plus. You can do so by clicking HERE.

As the old and somewhat clichéd but undeniably true saying goes, the most valuable investment you can make is in yourself.

With "0 to Freedom," you are destined to establish a thriving and profit-generating wholesale business.

Upgrade to Unlimited Plus Plan Now

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