March 28, 2021
Phillip Araujo
Inventory Management

Multi-Channel Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

Did you know that 43% of retailers still use pen, paper, and spreadsheets to track inventory levels?

We’re stunned, too.

It’s hard enough to manage inventory levels the old fashioned way on one ecommerce platform, let alone for the sellers operating across multiple platforms (i.e. Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce).

Old-fashioned methods like this are the easiest route to overselling, running out of stock, and receiving customer complaints.

As a multi-channel seller, it’s crucial to provide a seamless buying experience in order to remain competitive in today’s ecommerce market. This means having accurate inventory at all times.

Yet, inaccurate inventory levels cost the retail industry $1.1 trillion in revenue each year and $222.7 billion can be directly correlated with seller’s inability to manage inventory and fulfill orders correctly.

So how can a multi-channel seller easily manage inventory across multiple channels, you ask?

Inventory management software is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Inventory management software allows multi-channel sellers to manage, organize, and sync inventory levels across multiple channels within minutes. This means eliminating over- or under- selling items, improving shipping, and growing business.

Let’s dig a little deeper and discuss the benefits of using inventory management software.

1. Avoid Overselling & Out-of-Stocks

When selling on so many platforms, manually updating inventory is impossible. This method leads to frequent overselling or out-of-stocks.

For example, let’s say you list 5 items on each Amazon, Shopify, and eBay but only have 10 items in inventory.

This may seem easy to adjust once items begin to sell on one platform faster than the other. However, multiple customers shopping at once on the various platforms can cause an item to oversell or run out of stock.

Either way, an item that appears to be available when it’s actually not, leads to unhappy and annoyed customers. And unhappy and annoyed customers lead to bad reviews and complaints.

With inventory management software, inventory is instantly updated when an item is bought on Amazon or five items are bought on eBay.

This way inventory is always accurate so buyers know what products are available and receive exactly what they order.

Better inventory management means less overselling, less out-of-stocks, and happier customers. Happy customers, happy life.

2. Improve Shipping

Without inventory management software, you can forget accurately managing inventory across multiple warehouses or distribution centers.

However, with software that manages inventory for you; delivery time, shipping costs, and transportation costs are all reduced.

Let’s say you have multiple warehouses across the country, maybe even internationally. It is obviously cheaper to ship an item from a warehouse that is closest to the customer.

With inventory management software, you can integrate with an order management system to check inventory in multiple locations. From there, you can pick the location closest to the customer, send order details to that location, and then sync inventory across all warehouses.

It makes a complicated task easy and efficient.

3. Increase Sales & Grow Business

If you’re struggling to accurately manage inventory, expanding the business probably seems daunting.

Not properly managing inventory levels can limit sales and prevent the business from growing.

Whether you’re running an ecommerce business on one platform or selling across multiple channels, software like Listing Mirror can be the solution to mastering inventory management and order fulfillment.

Getting a handle on inventory management allows you to fulfill orders better, make customers happier, and grow business substantially.

Listing Mirror allows multi-channel sellers to list items, fulfill orders, and sync inventory.

As inventory levels change, we save you time by syncing your channels within minutes with our multi-channel selling software. If an item is purchased on eBay, we let Amazon and Wal-Mart know that your quantity has changed.

As another perk, with Listing Mirror’s advanced inventory package, you get kitting, bundling, and multi-warehouse features to expand current inventory levels even farther.

Choose Listing Mirror to minimize over- and under- selling items, improve shipping, and increase sales to grow business.

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