March 28, 2021
Phillip Araujo
Scan Unlimited

New Product Detail with Keepa Charts and Seller Data 📈

With only 2 weeks left till our next major release of Scan Unlimited, we decided to release the all-new Product Detail page early for everyone to enjoy now (yes, that means Free users too!). This new version of the Product Detail brings all new data points, as well as, bringing back some old features (hint: Keepa). In this article, I will highlight all of the improvements and changes that I think all Scan Unlimited users will find useful! 😃

Increased Search Results

The first aspect of the new product detail you will probably notice is that when searching a value, there are more results found and the results are found quicker! This is now on par with how the Scan engine works and returns all products associated with a given identifier. Note: searching by keyword will always be limited as there are endless results for some keywords, but we try and return the most relevant listings.


Average Sales Rank & Category Tree

Sometimes looking at the current sales rank just is not enough information to make an informed sourcing decision. That’s why we added 30, 90, and 180-day sales rank averages! This will surely help you spot items that have consistent demand rather than items that have sudden spikes in rank.

For those that are paying attention, you will notice the category has been moved to make space for the sales rank average. Category is now located above the core details section and displayed as a category tree. This will allow you to see at a glance where the listing sits in the Amazon catalog.


Keepa Sales Rank is Back!

As I am sure you already know, Keepa has decided to charge its users to gain access to the sales rank history data. After reaching out to the Keepa team, I am happy to announce that ALL Unlimited users will now have access to sales rank history data in the Keepa charts, regardless if they have a Keepa subscription! 😃 Free users will still have access to the Keepa charts but will be limited to pricing history data only.


New Seller Data in the Offers Component

Alongside our existing offers data, users now have access to seller names and quantity in stock! Total feedback count is an important metric when analyzing competition, but checking how many feedbacks were earned over the past 30 days will give you more insight on how the seller is doing in the short term. Hover over an offers feedback count, and Scan Unlimited now shows feedback count for the last 30 days. Note: quantity in stock will only show up for some offers that do not have purchasing limits defined.


Variation Attributes

We received feedback that the variation attributes in the product titles sometimes did not match the actual variation attributes. To solve the issue, the variation component now has color and size data.


v1.8 Sneak Peak

I hope everyone takes advantage of these new Product Detail features to help them with their sourcing! Keep an eye out for the v1.8 release coming in 2 weeks that will include much larger file line count limits, unlimited custom columns, and most importantly, check if Amazon is the seller on all listings scanned! 😀

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