July 31, 2021
Bryan Derek

Planning to Start an Amazon Wholesale Business? Here are 5 questions that you might have.

What is Amazon Wholesale?

Amazon Wholesale is one of the four primary models in doing business in Amazon. Wholesale is the process of buying products in bulk from a brand manufacturer or distributor with the intention of selling it retail to customers through Amazon.

How much investment is needed to start this kind of business?

Of the numerous other business models in Amazon, wholesale is one of the models that requires little financial investment. It is generally accepted that $5000 net you better profit margins and help you scale your business faster.

What are the requirements to start selling wholesale on Amazon?

Interested Amazon sellers wanting to delve into wholesale would need the following:

  1. Professional Amazon Seller Account
  2. Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation for USA, or a Limited Company (LTD) for UK
  3. Employer Identification Number (EIN) for USA only
  4. Website (Optional but highly recommended)
  5. Resale Certificate

What is the process of wholesaling on Amazon?

Wholesaling involves mostly research. Before selling a product on Amazon, there are several steps that must one must undertake:

A. Conduct Brand Hunting – search for brands that you are interested in sourcing and selling

B. Contact the Brands – some brands do not want their products being sold on Amazon, as a seller, you must be upfront with them to easily determine their willingness of being sold in Amazon

C. Acquire Product Catalogs or Price Lists – once the brand approves of the plan to be sold in Amazon, the seller must ask them for their catalog

D. Narrow down the products one would wish to sell – this would involve going through the catalog one by one, computing and analyzing for their viability when sold on Amazon

E. Add your product to the existing listing on Amazon – find out the ASIN of the product then add your offering to the listing that exists on Amazon

Once all of that is done, you can start sourcing and selling your products. Just make your to do your best to win that buy box!

Is there an easier way to narrow down which products to sell?

Yes, there are several tools that guide and help Amazon sellers in determining the viability of the product in being sold in Amazon. One of the tools that can help in determining which product to sell on Amazon is Scan Unlimited. Just upload the supplier’s product list, and our tool would do all the analysis. Visit our website at

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