October 15, 2021
Phillip Araujo
Scan Unlimited

Scan Unlimited New Features v1.7

I am very excited to announce the release of Scan Unlimited version 1.7! When we initially released Scan Unlimited, our goal was to create the fastest and most intuitive Amazon product list scan software. I believe with version 1.7 we are taking a great leap forward towards our goal and I am sure you will love all the new features!

Increased File Line Count Limits

UNLIMITED users now have the ability to upload up to 30,000 lines!

Refreshed User Interface

Probably the first change you will notice is the completely refreshed user interface! We listened to our users’ feedback and came up with a more easily navigable interface. The new design focuses on a borderless experience making viewing even the largest scans manageable via the browser.


Updated Scan Layout

Users asked for more data, so that’s exactly what we did! Items within scans now return more detail like package dimensions, package quantity, fee breakdown, VAT, and net profit. Need more detail, open the item detail page by clicking the launch icon on the right side of the scan.

Product Detail

The new product detail page brings a load of new functionality to Scan Unlimited. Features include three keepa charts with a 30, 90, and 365 day date range, offer details (including Amazon as a seller), Profit/ROI calculator, and variation detail.

Running a scan is no longer the only way to get data on an item quickly. With the single item search bar in the toolbar, you can quickly search for an item with an ASIN/UPC/EAN/ISBN or even a keyword!


Currency Exchange Monitoring

Selling in the Amazon US marketplace, but you don’t source your products in USD? Monitoring currency exchange rates are a vital part of selling internationally, so we made keeping an eye on currency exchange rates easier! Add exchange rates and monitor daily rate changes right on the dashboard.

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