April 24, 2023
Filip Maciejewicz
Scan Unlimited

New Small and Light Eligibility Feature Out Today! 🎉

Hey wholesale rebels around the world!

We wanted to let you that a highly requested new feature is out today for ScanUnlimited - it’s called Small & Light Eligibility.

What is Small & Light Program by Amazon?

Amazon’s Small & Light program is a fulfilment service designed for small and lightweight products.

This program enables sellers to reduce their fulfilment expenses for these kinds of products while providing free shipping to their customers.

By enrolling in the Small and Light program, sellers can benefit from reduced fulfilment and storage costs, as well as greater exposure for their products.

Moreover, customers can enjoy free shipping on qualifying items and quick delivery times.

Overall, the Small and Light program can be an excellent approach for sellers to offer reasonable prices and a convenient delivery option to customers while also lowering their fulfilment expenses.

What are the Requirements for S&L?

At present, in order for a seller to apply for the Small & Light program, the item must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Weigh 3 lbs. or less
  • Measure 18 x 14 x 8 inches or less
  • Be priced at $12 or less
  • Not fall under any restricted categories
  • Be new
  • For existing ASINs, it must have sold at least 25 units in the past month
  • Comply with the Prepping/Shipping guidelines

If an item meets these requirements, the seller can apply to sell their ASIN at the new S&L fees.

How to Verify Small & Light Eligibility in ScanUnlimited?

We have included a new feature in ScanUnlimited’s ScanView that instantly verifies which ASINs in the product list are Small & Light eligible.

Users can now see a NEW FILTER COLUMN in the ScanView labeled “Small & Light FB.” They can see whether any of the products are eligible for S&L.

Furthermore, users can now filter their list to display only Small & Light eligible products, which will offer numerous new profit possibilities for many sellers.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Small & Light filter in ScanUnlimited!

PS: Remember that you have to apply for selling under Small&Light yourself, NO seller is enrolled into the program automatically

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