September 20, 2023
Filip Maciejewicz
Scan Unlimited

Why You Should Become a ScanUnlimited Affiliate?

Join ScanUnlimited as an affiliate partner and experience growth alongside the fastest-growing wholesale tool in the market!

Our affiliate program stands as the premier option in the market. When you become an affiliate of ScanUnlimited and recommend the tool you already cherish to others in your community, you'll receive an unprecedented 20% Lifetime Commission – a rarity in the industry!

You can become an affiliate for ScanUnlimited within minutes - just apply HERE

How does our affiliate program work?

1. You recommend/advertise ScanUnlimited on your social media/website/to your community with your unique affiliate link

2. Your community member signs up to ScanUnlimited

3. All the conversion are being tracked by us, you receive a dedicated manager to always support you

4. We pay you out your commision

It’s that simple!

If you're interested in joining the online selling community and have started establishing your network, we invite you to share in our remarkable journey to success.

What are the biggest advantages of becoming a ScanUnlimited affiliate?

  • You’ll get 20% lifetime commission of every sale
  • You’ll receive the support of a dedicated affiliate manager
  • You’ll get a payout every 30 days 
  • Your community can count on special discounts and promotions

Enroll today as a ScanUnlimited affiliate and receive a 20% lifetime commission for every customer you refer! Just apply HERE

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2 Factor Authentication - ScanUnlimited's New Security Standard 🛡️

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